The Blog Post I Didn't See Coming...

Posted on July 18, 2017 by Larra Palermo

What started out a few years ago as a way to raise money for my son's medical expenses has blossomed into a full blown business with a goal of encouraging women through various product lines, including scripture cards, stationery and journals, invitations, and more. While it blesses our family financially, it also brought overhead, inventory costs, the stress of meeting sales goals (to make money!) and time away from family.  My deepest desire is to keep my family as my first be in my kids' classrooms, to be at baseball games and drum lessons, and to have energy at the end of the day to love my family well. As a mom of young kids, those things alone take a lot of time and energy, not to mention grocery shopping, caring for our home and serving in our church and community. Because of this, after praying about it and talking it over with Matt, we've decided that it's time to scale down Little Blue Paper Shop. The time it takes and energy it requires to keep a business running to the capacity that it has been is more than this one-woman (with an amazing husband behind her!) can keep up with. We are BEYOND THANKFUL for the ways that God has blessed this business, the ways you guys have embraced our products and have begged for more, and even the fact that at times the demand is so great I can't keep up. 
So what does this mean for LBPS?
  • LBPS is not going away. Instead, I am scaling back big time, restructuring, and getting back to the heart of what I have wanted to do since college, and focusing on design in my "spare" time. 
  • For this season of life, we are saying goodbye to the physical inventory side of the business. All inventory will be sold throughout the summer and will not be restocked. This includes Hope Cards, I Do Cards, Promise Cards, Truth Trainers, Hope Journals, Prints, etc. 
  • Effective NOW, all physical products on our website (and Etsy) are marked down because everything must go. As of now, I don't know when these products will be brought back, so now is your time to grab Hope Cards, Truth Trainers, etc, before they are gone. The website will be closed on August 31. 
  • What WILL we be selling? Since college I have dreamed of running a stationery shop that sold wedding invitations, party invites, etc. While I don't promote it much, my Etsy shop is stocked with digital invitations and digital party downloads that generate consistent income without the hustle of selling inventory, and takes significantly less time to operate. I am going to focus my "work" attention on stocking my Etsy shop with designs, as well as taking custom jobs (as time allows).
    LBPS has been a dream (like I said, since college) and I love that I have a way to use my passions and giftings to bless my family as well as those who have purchased from me. There may be a day when time and life allows for this business to grow at the rate it was growing, but for now, I have an absolute peace (and excitement) about scaling down for a season. Keeping up with social media trends, when to post, when not to post, how to caption, how to hastag...y''s exhausting...but seriously necessary to sell product. Not even kidding. When I post "like I should", sales go up. When I slack off, they go down. My mama heart needs a break and is excited to read about new recipes to cook for my family rather than articles on if Insta stories are beneficial for business growth. I'm excited to design because I love it, not because business growth requires it. But don't worry, you'll still see the invitations and suites I'm working on pop up on social media from time to time, and I hope you'll keep me in mind for party invites when you need them!
    I'm so thankful for all of you who have cheered me on as a mom with a growing business, and I know you'll be just as supportive of a mama with an Etsy shop. 

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